Innovation College

About our College

In 2018, North-Chiang Mai University integrated the technological foundations of its existing incubator units with the research strengths of the Faculty of Business Administration and the Faculty of Humanities to establish the Innovation College. The college will focus on research on data transfer technology and innovation on the business structure between Thailand and China, including innovative operations of the Faculty in various aspects such as online commerce business, education from wisdom, data analysis, and more.

Since the founding of the college, the Innovation College has built a microwave data transfer facility, Youth Protection Research Center and Wisdom Enhancement Classroom, Northern Economic Research Institute, and the Innovation Laboratory in Integrated Engineering, which are all the origins of the establishment of the Doctorate of Philosophy program divided into two branches: Innovation Management for Business Development; (Ph.D.) and Business Administration (DBA) By developing from the academic Master of Business Administration program in Strategic Management and applying the basic course plan from the bachelor program system, the college has had a good relationship in the past through working with OPPO Thailand, Fanslink Group, China Mobile Thailand and ICBC Bank Thailand. Furthermore, we look forward to deepening those ties and broadening our ties to various circles for internships and student employment in the future. Therefore, the Innovation College has a collaborative development model based on valuable resources driven by scientific research achievements and supported by technology transfer.

Our faculty has selected the best personnel and carefully planned courses and activities. Therefore, students receive proper academic training and learn about data transfer technologies and applications to strategize on different local and intercultural business management concepts, helping prepare students for future advancement.


For many Ph.D. students, reading primary literature and academic papers is a complex process. We hope that students will cultivate analytical thinking through massive reading, build an entire academic knowledge system, specialize in fundamental research methodology, combine quantitative and qualitative research, and enhance academic competence through practical practice relentlessly. May all students continue to keep on fighting. All senior students, male and female, are on the same path as you.

We believe that the main direction for the next two centuries is to integrate and train talents to support economic integration. In the cooperation between China Tiancai University and enterprises, we learn together. Let us move forward together in the region, ride the wind and waves, and benefit together. Therefore, we are researching that there are such talents in the China-Thailand support industry.

Industry-University Cooperation

Solar Comprehensive Utilization Laboratory

Taking the reduction of power generation costs as the starting point and improving the conversion efficiency of solar energy as the main technical approach, it provides comprehensive solutions for the high-efficiency conversion process from solar energy to electric energy to thermal energy from mechanism, key equipment to system design. And establish the performance and quality inspection method system and experimental platform of key materials, equipment and systems.

Smart wood work

Intelligent manufacturing is becoming the core competitiveness of current manufacturing enterprises. Based on automation, informatization, digitization, and intelligence, the industrial interconnected manufacturing system with the goals of flexibility, customization, visualization, and low-carbonization is becoming the core of smart manufacturing in the manufacturing industry.