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Admission Guide for Doctor of Philosophy program in Innovation Management for Business Development

Since the 1990s, the industrial structure of Thailand has changed dramatically, and the service industry has expanded rapidly, creating a new impetus for Thai economic growth. Moreover, as China itself is increasingly influencing the global economy, the growth trend of the Chinese economy is getting more and more attention from the eyes of countries around the world. With China's increasingly significant advances in science and technology, combined with the continual innovating of new business structures, China is increasingly positioning itself as the "world factory." China has become a business innovation leader in the East Asia region due to this era of global knowledge-intensive competition. Cross-border business integration has become a new global trend. Therefore, focusing on comparing the strengths of different regions and promoting industrial cooperation between China and Thailand towards a new model and together being an essential link in the international industrial technology supply chain is the plan to help develop industrial cooperation between China and Thailand. However, when talking about the training of competent people in both countries, it is considered that we still lack personnel with expertise in the structure of Chinese and Thai businesses, including those who have a thorough understanding of the industrial development guidelines of the two countries. Therefore, in response to the improvement and development of the industrial structure of the two countries, there is a new trend in recruiting personnel capable of managing business innovations to work. Amid both countries' rapidly changing business world, understanding, in-depth technical data Commercial, structural, and industrial data at a glance are the critical components to gaining a competitive edge. The Doctorate of Innovation Management for Business Development aims to provide students with in-depth knowledge and skills in business innovation such as economy, decision-making, finance, and transformational leadership. To learn how to use OKR to turn technical insights into new products and services, build new businesses, and learn how to drive new business solutions for your organization more efficiently and quickly through the transfer process. Capture technical information amidst the global third wave phenomenon and create new strategies for innovation and insights into products and services. The Doctor of Philosophy in Innovation Management for Business Development is a newly developed doctoral research program based on existing business administration courses integrated with theoretical training in management. It is interdisciplinary and aims to provide students with a more complete academic research background. The doctoral program in this field has concentrated on business innovation research topics. All faculty members strive to combine theoretical and practical knowledge. We are using real case studies from our legal and technology transfer centers, including economic, academic support, Finance, and Social Sciences from the Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Administration. Therefore, the Doctorate of Innovation Management for Business Development is a new program that will foster multinational and cross-disciplinary collaboration to nurture world-class competitive business innovation management talent. Our First Plan: We have a plan to train students to instill innovative character with the complete integration of management subjects: Operations and Governance, Marketing, Strategic Management, organizational behavior, and human resources, decision-making process and combined with quality subjects from the fields of Finance, Accounting, Economics, Law, and Engineering. We have designed a comprehensive business innovation management course that covers all aspects. We have faculty to provide theoretical and practical knowledge: all faculty professors in this program hold a doctoral degree in management, graduated or have teaching experience at a reputable university, and specialize in business innovation management research. In addition, some faculty professors have particular expertise in the research field and have published many SSCI articles. The college also invites high-level business people to share their knowledge from actual case studies. We have a very conducive environment for research: with excellent academic resources from North-Chiang Mai University. Furthermore, our Ph.D. students are provided with exclusive teaching resources to facilitate the research environment. In addition to interdisciplinary, integrated subjects and qualified faculty members, Our College also plans to send students to visit and study in China, Japan, and Europe, arranging students to attend annual international conferences and a robust research facility.

The Knowledge Map of this doctoral program is as follows:

General Knowledge Fundamental Management Theory, Introduction to fundamental Econometrics, History of Management Concepts
Foundation Knowledge Management Research Scope, Market Research Scope, Strategic Management Research Scope, Organizational Change and Innovation Research Scope, Innovation Management Research Scope
Research Knowledge Management research methodology, statistical research applications and advanced management
Core Knowledge Industrial Organization Theory Research Topic, Technology Analysis and Innovation Research Topics, Technology Networks and Data Transfer Research Topics, Scientific Services and Innovations Research Topics
Elective Knowledge Project Management Research Topic, Service Management Research Topic, New Product Development Research Topic, Industrial Organization Theory Research Topic, Multinational Company Research Topic, Supply Chain and System Integration Research Topic

Remark: (1) Students must choose two general subjects, two foundation subjects, two research subjects, two core subjects, and two elective subjects. (2). The study time in each course must not be less than 45 hours, with each subject requiring one reading report, one research review, and the rest will depend on the professor(s) who teach the course. (3). Students are required to complete one field report when doing field research (4). Writing a reading report, research review, and field research reports must be written following APA-6 format.

The teaching system for dissertation writing of this doctoral program is as follows

Content of dissertation's The dissertation is divided into five chapters. The first chapter is an introduction. The second chapter is literature reviews, the third chapter is the research methodology, the fourth chapter is the Results of the study, and the fifth chapter is the Conclusion and Recommendation.
Conference papers writing Write at least 8,000 words of conference papers to be published for the conference and receive a certificate of publication.
Articles for journals writing Write a journal of at least 8,000 words for publication in academic journals by using an index of SSCI, SCOPUS
Dissertation The dissertation is divided into five chapters. The first chapter is the introduction. The second chapter is the literature analysis, the third chapter is research design, the fourth chapter is a discussion, and the fifth chapter is the conclusion. According to the doctoral training plan, dissertation writing is based on the oral examination.
Remarkļ¼šAll of the above writings must use the APA-6 format.

Message form the academic committee

To all students:

A Ph.D. is a lifelong qualification. Therefore, we would like to thank our students for taking the time to be part of human cognitive growth. Students will be able to use the knowledge and expertise they have gained to benefit human society. In addition, obtaining a Ph.D. degree is also the beginning of a new academic career path. Therefore, while students are studying in the university fence, they can contact the faculty immediately if they encounter any problems. Furthermore, we also have a wealth of resources to help support student growth. For many Ph.D. students, reading primary literature and academic papers is a complex process. We hope that students will cultivate analytical thinking through massive reading, build an entire academic knowledge system, specialize in fundamental research methodology, combine quantitative and qualitative research, and enhance academic competence through practical practice relentlessly.

May all students continue to keep on fighting. All senior students, male and female, are on the same path as you.