Innovation College

Bachelor of Business Administration program in Digital Business Management

1. Training concepts: With the development of e-commerce between China and ASEAN countries, the demand for competent e-commerce personnel is rising. Working between China and ASEAN countries with emphasis on international trade knowledge Business, Management and Information Science for Development, Management, and Transnational Operations, and upgrading and increasing the efficiency of the supply chain. The use of three languages, Thai, English, and Chinese, and information technology application skills. Students will have the knowledge and professional skills necessary to perform e-commerce operations in the local area and be an expert in responding to the upgrading of the trade structure between China and Thailand and upgrading trade in the service sector.

2. Main qualifications:
2.1 The use of three languages in Thai, English, Chinese, and applying information technology.
2.2 The ability to apply fundamental knowledge in business and management.
2.3 The ability to perform and analyze cross-border trade
2.4 The ability to provide services and work to suit the locality
2.5 Service capability in the workplace and society

3. Course Features:
Clear educational goals: It has a unique and practical curriculum structure in line with the evolving e-commerce trends and emphasizes ethical competence and local development. It will give students a high chance of getting a job.

Complete learning paths and precise professional planning: This course covers educational backgrounds, instruments, tools, and language learning centers with highly qualified and diverse faculty members with a complete learning guide plan. This course will be able to develop students' learning effectively through intensive teaching and learning content. Hands-on practice is well-founded and practical in addition to the four core components of this course, international trade, business, management, and information science. The course also includes training and internships by the leaders of the Thai e-business industry to familiarize students with the fundamental business processes and working environment that Thailand brings to employ the best people. The faculty will guide students to adapt to the learning environment in both English and Thai and reinforce their working strengths, focusing on training students for employment and allocation and practicing as appropriate. There will also be e-commerce development conferences to be hosted by the college's faculty and guest lecturers. Therefore, this program trains students to become qualified professionals in the industry, strengthens their working capacity, expands their relationships, and increases their admission with this bachelor's program system. The details are as follows.

Message from the Faculty Bachelor of Business Administration program in Digital Business Management, Innovation College, North-Chiang Mai University

The Innovation College is the melting pot of education from the east and west. It has also inspired universities to support the production of undergraduate students specializing in innovation and applications. We have borrowed examples of excellent education systems from China, Europe, and the United States, combining them with the principles of cultivating talent in various ways and increasing the training required for students to promote the economic development of China and Thailand. It creates a new educational structure that integrates diversity, blends science and art, and connects theory with practice. At the same time, the curriculum's position on local development provides students with a forward-looking vision through ideas from different cultures. In more than ten years, China's economic development and e-commerce development is a miracle and thus has become a new e-commerce structure under the third wave of industrial transfer. How we can combine the Chinese e-commerce experience with the experience from other countries in Southeast Asia. We believe that the main direction in the next two centuries is integrating and training personnel to support regional economic integration. Amid cooperation between top Chinese universities and enterprises, we learn from each other. So let us move forward, ride the waves and benefit together. Therefore, we are committed to cultivating industry-leading competitive talent in both China and Thailand.