Bachelor's Degree


Introduction to the Bachelor of Business Administration

North-Chiang Mai University

The International College

This project is suitable for those interested in doing business, corporate management, merchants, international trade, tourism, real estate, resorts, etc. Combining theoretical and practical training, the university has signed a memorandum of cooperation between universities and major companies in Thailand. Students can visit a company for an on-site internship for 4 months in the last semester, and those with superior grades may continue to work.


Major: Management Professional direction: Training business management professionals.
Teacher team: Teachers from Thailand, Europe, the US, and around the world.
Enrollment target: High school graduated, adults with high school education (no age limit)
Study time: 4 years (eight semesters)
Qualifications: Those with a high school degree.
Teaching plan: Study in small classes, within 25 students per class, 7 courses per semester.
Language of study: English.
Graduation requirements: Complete the study plan credits and complete the internship.
Degree Award: Through the study plan, the university will issue a “Bachelor of Business Administration Certificate ”
Course Advantage: There are a lot of benefits of studying with us, First, the curriculum is designed to prepare graduates for international careers and all classes are taught in English by highly qualified professors. We focus on individual attention — small class sizes, personal advising. Students can have the opportunity to study one or two foreign languages in addition to students ’ native languages. Students are also provided with opportunities for international experiences of studying a semester in Europe, Australia, and the United States through study abroad programs with partner universities and internships with companies and other organizations.
Example courses: Management, marketing, human resource management, financial management, accounting management, operation management, tourism management, hotel management, event organization management, negotiation, international business management, business law, statistics, subject research, etc.

Course Structure

Total Credits                                                  138  Credits

1 General                                                        36 credits

Languages                                                      15  credits

Humanities                                                        6  credits

Social sciences                                                 6  credits

Sciences and Mathematics    

2 Specialize                                                      9 credits

Core Course                                                   54 credits

Major                                                              30  credits

Elective                                                          12  credits

Free elective                                                    6  credit