Doctor's Degree of Business Administration (D.B.A)


Introduction to the Doctor of Business Administration Program

North-Chiang Mai University

The International College

Aim and purpose: To train senior business executives and quality lecturers

Team of teachers: Highly qualified and well-experienced instructors from Thailand, Europe, America, and around the world.

Enrollment target: Government leaders, business leaders, CEOs, managers, investors, university teachers, scientific researchers, etc.

Study duration: 3 years

Tuition fee: 840,000 baht (paid semesterly)

Qualification requirements: A master degree and IELTS 5.5 or above is required

Teaching plan: Small class size, and English as a medium of instruction

Graduation requirements: Pass a comprehensive examination and publish a paper in an academic journal recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education of Thailand, or an international journal at the same level or above.

Degree awarded: "Doctorate degree in business management" awarded by the university


Curriculum: 57 credits in total

Compulsory courses        12 credits

Elective courses             9 credits

Thesis                           36 credits

Basic courses (not counting credits)

Statistics and business research methods

Business management theory and thought

Remarks: If the applicant's master's degree is not business or MBA major-related, the above two basic courses need to be supplemented. The score is S, which means that it has passed.

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