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We will use the best teachers. Through careful planning of courses and activities, students can not only accept systematic Academic training, through the influence of technology transfer and application, can establish cross-cultural management concepts and local Strategies to prepare students for their future development.

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12 August

Online Exam Procedures for Students 📌 Online exam process for students North-Chiang Mai University 📝

03 August

💙 12 August Long live the king 💙 On the occasion of the birthday celebration Her Majesty Queen Sirikit Her Majesty the Queen The Queen Mother and Mother's Day

19 Nov

Loy Krathong (RTGS:Loi Krathong, pronounced) is a Siamese festival celebrated annually throughout the Kingdom of Thailand and in nearby countries with significant southwestern Tai cultures . The name could be translated as "to float ritual vessel or lamp," and comes from the tradition of making krathong or buoyant, decorated baskets, which are then floated on a river. Many Thais use the krathong to thank the Goddess of Water, the Hindu Goddess Ganga (river in Northern India), phra Mae Khongkha . This festival can see the traces of its origin back to India.